The village Omorani is suited in the center of Macedonia, hidden from the main road by the surraounding hills. The river Babuna gives life to the piciresque slopes of Jakupica Mount with its pick Solunska Glava (2500 masl), which attracts many climbers to conquer the reef Nezhilovi Steni. Special adventure is to get to the springs and Babuna Waterfall.  

The village landscape is attractive for all those seeking adventures such as mount biking, walking tours to the nearby old monasteries, seasonal visits to the sheepfolds, traditional way of fishing or hunting / safari for wild animals at the neighbouring hunting reserve.

The "Rancho and Vancho na Kata" is an 80 years old stone house located in the center of the village Omorani. It has been restored in authentic Macedonian style and now offering accomodation facilities, primarily B&B, for nature lovers who are eager to experience new adventures.

Rural Tourism in Macedonia

Rural Tourism

Rancho i Vancho na Kata

The hunting season just started on 2nd August!!! We offer you a full weekend hunting programme with professional service.